Mission statement

Diakonie in community

The reason for this house is Christ
- (Entry in the first house Bible of the Frankfurt Diakonissenhaus)

Guiding principle 1

The basis for the work is the mission of Jesus Christ to serve love for all people.
The purpose of the Frankfurter Diakonissenhaus is the practice of Diakonie as an expression of the life and nature of the church.
- (Statutes of the Frankfurter Diakonissenhaus)

Guiding principle 2

We respect the God-given dignity of every human being

We see in the human being "God's image", wanted by God, created, protected and endowed with gifts. For us, this is the dignity of every human being, which remains with them even when they are poor, weak, suffering and in need of help. The life of every single human being is sacred to us - from conception to death. This conviction motivates and commits us to diaconal action.

We also know that it is not good for people to be alone and that they are dependent on help and destined to help each other. That is why we live Diakonie in community.

We ourselves also need help and support. We know our imperfections and that we too will be guilty. That is why we ask God and people for forgiveness and are ready to forgive others.

Guiding principle 3

We are there when people need us

People come to us in the Diakonissen mother house, in the Diakonissecommunity, in the church, in the training centre, in the children's home, in the nursing home for the elderly. They are welcome to us.

We want to accompany and advise the people entrusted to us, our guests and all those who make use of our services. We educate and train, we care and heal, we comfort and strengthen.

Guiding principle 4

We see ourselves as a community of service

As leaders, supervisors, Diakonissen, members of the diaconal community, staff, workers and volunteers, we support each other in our daily work.

This also includes strengthening each other in our faith.

We inform each other, make our actions transparent and thus create mutual trust. We recognise and promote professional and human competence.

We secure and improve our professionalism through training and further education.

We offer criticism and use it to improve our work.

Guiding principle 5

We come from the tradition of the Motherhousediakonie

The Diakonie of the Frankfurt Diakonissenhaus is shaped by the sisterhood of the Diakonissen, which lives, believes, hopes and serves as a spiritual community in the midst of the work. It is open to new forms of community.

Our facility is part of the more than 150-year history of the Kaiserswerth Motherhousediakonie. Theodor and Friederike Fliedner established the first Diakonissenhaus in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth, they established a Diakonie which sees its mission in common faith, life and service.

In 1861, citizens of Frankfurt from Protestant communities founded the Diakonissenverein to help the sick, the elderly and the needy, and called for people to learn the profession of Diakonisse to learn the profession. Today, the tasks are largely taken over by employees who carry on the tradition of the house.

Guiding principle 6

We rise to the challenges of the times

Social developments, new findings and legal regulations require us to review and change our services and work again and again.

In doing so, we consider and observe the principles of ethics, quality and economic efficiency in our decisions, thus ensuring the continued existence of Frankfurt's Diakonissenhaus.