Honorary office

Social commitment - pricelessly valuable

Volunteers provide unpaid and invaluable services by giving their personal time to others on a regular basis or at a pace of their own choosing. They are simply there when they are needed. Without this commitment, many things could not be done so wonderfully.

Are the following things close to your heart?

  • the desire to do something for others, to contribute to the common good,
  • the desire for Christian-motivated fellowship,
  • the joy of using your talents..,
  • the joy of sharing one's life experiences with others.

If so, we would be very happy to receive your help so that Diakonie can continue to be lived in the heart of Frankfurt.

Superior Sr. Heidi Steinmetz, the staff or the local sisters will be happy to advise you and support you in your search for a suitable field of work.

Thank you very much.