Church life

Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Frankfurt Deaconess House

The Frankfurt Deaconesses' Association belongs to the St. Peter's congregation, which complements and enriches it with its Lutheran services, devotions and daily prayers.

The times of prayer, services and devotions are marked by Lutheran tradition, and Gregorian psalm singing has its permanent place there; new spiritual songs are also sung.

The liturgical choir and the full-time church musician shape the services.
The deaconess church is one of the most used churches in Frankfurt, as prayer times or church services are held daily.

From the Guest / Intercession Book of the Deaconess Church ...

We are very pleased that for all of you our church is a place of silence, prayer and hospitality where you can be close to God and receive so much strength and comfort.
We would like to share some of the "words of thanks" with you here:

"Thank you so much for this open church and the wonderful, strength-giving devotion."

"How nice that you have the church open for a silent prayer! It did me a lot of good and I thank you very much."

"Thank you for the open church. I find peace here."

"A truly spiritual place."

"Thank you so much for the open church, I can find peace here."

Thank you so much for the open church, especially in these times!"

Thank you for this oasis - here I can sing...
Come Holy Spirit, we need You!"

Dear God, THANK YOU for this place of silence in the middle of Frankfurt."

A place of prayer in the middle of the city! It's nice that the church is open."

"Thank you, dear God, for being with me on the Luther Way 1521 from Eisenach to Worms and for hosting me so kindly here at the Deaconess House."

"Thank you for the peace and strength I can draw here on site!"

It is wonderful to go to this church. Here you find peace and are very close to the Lord. Always fetch me this strength, because I am here once every week."

Thank you so much for keeping the church open especially at this time. It is good to be able to stay here for a little devotion or an Our Father."

"What a wonderful place! A precious oasis of silence!"

"Thank you, good God, that even after so many years, here is still a place of love and arrival for me."

"Thank you so much for this place of reflection. I can refuel before a friend's funeral at noon today. God was (is!) especially tangible here."

"Thank you that there are places like this to come to rest and feel closer to God and peace."